The night belongs to her

In the quiet embrace of the night, where darkness unfurls like the silk of forgotten dreams, she wanders. There’s a softness to the air, a weightlessness that lingers, caressing the edges of her soul. It’s a night that belongs to her, where the world retreats into shadows, leaving only her and the echo of memories in the moonlight.

A solitary lamp post stands sentinel on the deserted street, its glow a beacon in the vast expanse of night, casting elongated shadows that sway with the rhythm of her steps. She walks with purpose, yet her heart beats to the melancholic melody of a bittersweet symphony. Beside her, her best friend walks in silence, their presence a comfort in the solitude of the night.

They share a bond woven from threads of laughter and tears, their silhouettes merging and diverging, two souls navigating the labyrinth of life together. And as the night comes down like heaven, they find solace in each other’s company.


Escrito el 26 de marzo de 2024 de una conversación con Lena y para Lena.

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