In a forgotten town, where shadows lingered on dilapidated walls like echoes of bygone hopes, the essence of existence unfolded in the muted palette of apathy, desperation, and enduring fatigue etched into the fabric of time. Within the confines of a dimly lit antique shop, shelves adorned with relics from eras long past told silent tales of neglect. A heavy air, infused with the scent of aged paper and memories worn thin, hovered in the stillness. The once-animated marketplace now echoed with haunting calls of crows, their wings brushing against the forgotten dreams lining cobblestone streets.

As the veil of normalcy lifted, latent powers were unearthed, and shadows became allies manipulated by unspoken desires echoing in the hollows of time. Through quiet streets, shrouded in the play of lamplight and shadows, the essence of existence wandered—an embrace of the nocturnal glow. The thoughts etched upon where the magic brushed against the edges of reality, leaving traces of its ephemeral touch amongst the forgotten town.


Escrito el 10 de enero de 2024

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